WordPress is one of the most popular choices amidst the galaxy of content management platforms available today. While trying to choose a content management platform for your website, you may be baffled with the number of options in front of you and wonder which one is the right choice. While there are both pluses and minuses in each of these platforms, here I will focus on the advantages of WordPress. The focus will surface the reasons why WordPress is relevant in 2022 after it has journeyed for nearly two decades.

About WordPress

WordPress started only as a blogging tool. Today it has developed into a full-fledged and feature rich website development tool and a robust content management system. The flexibility of WordPress and its easy to use nature makes it the most preferred platform. A survey says WordPress powers 43% of the websites we find today. In fact, WordPress is chosen by several popular brands like Disney, Sony, Target, The New Yorker, Facebook and Time Magazine for their websites.

Reasons why WordPress is still relevant in 2022

Open source software

WordPress is open source software meaning it is completely free to use even for commercial purposes. You can download it, install and use it the way you want. You can build powerful websites on WordPress.

Easy to use

Though WordPress is a feature-rich platform with a lot of tools, features and plugins, it is easy to use even for beginners. The simple dashboard with several menu options in the side bar makes it a breeze to work with. Creating posts, pages and customizing your website the way you want is extremely easy and enjoyable on WordPress.

Fully customizable

WordPress’s open source and easy to use nature further gain a lot by its easy customizability. Most people who use this platform are not programmers or designers. This is the perfect solution for non-savvy people as there are thousands of free templates to choose from. For every kind of website, it is very easy to come up with the perfect website theme.

SEO friendly

Having a well-designed website is not enough to get the attention of the world today. Website SEO is a very important topic you must focus on for the success of your website. WordPress has a host of useful features for SEO. In other words, accomplishing SEO on WordPress websites is quite easy and the results can be encouraging and highly productive.

Safe and secure

WordPress has enough security features you can bank on. This platform is therefore highly reliable to run your website. On top of that, there are several easy ways to make your WordPress websitemore secure from malware, hackers and other risks.

Find the best WordPress development services

To get the best out of your WordPress website, it is important to work with skilled, professional and reliable WordPress development services that can help produce amazing results on your website development project. Do some research and take no chance in this regard since you deserve to get the best across your website building mission.